Impact of technology on how we buy, rent, sell in Real Estate


The real estate industry is considered to be one of the most unstreamlined industry and for the sheer size of people it employs in India there’s a lot that technology can do. Last few years there have been significant steps taken by Real Estate industry to continue growing faster and bring process in place to scale.

Mobile & Cloud have brought a significant change

Like any services industry, there’s a lot to track in real estate and mobile and cloud together has brought a lot of control into correct hands to ensure everything from tracking of sales process to engagement with customers to tons and tons of data – everything is managed well

Sharing the data

The industry is also known for heavy content dependency from builder having to work with architects to customer managing pages and pages of agreements. New tools to share data between different stakeholders have enabled faster communication and hence decision making

Search Efficiency

With platforms providing access to customers on mobile and web with features like map search, neighbourhood details, virtual reality etc, customers today are at ease on searching with tools that enable smoother decision making.

As the industry grows and becomes more streamlined all above will ensure the process gets better and better.

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