5 Simple Tips on Adding Colour to Your Home Through Home Decor


In most Indian homes, walls are usually relegated to feature varying shades of white. The use of colours on walls are often limited and if you’re a colour junkie in a **[rented home or flats](http://www.pinclick.com/house-for-rent)**, it can often get difficult to add splashes of colour to liven up your living space. The easiest option then, is to brighten up your home through home décor and accents. Home décor accessories can add colour elements to your home to offset the eggshell white walls and create a wonderful contrast.

Vases are economical, widely available and come in a variety of designs. Pick a pair of vases in bright, contrasting tones to act as colour blocks to each other. Then place them on a pretty table against a white wall and you’ll have a gorgeous table accent juxtaposed against your sparkling wall. All you have to do now is add a handful of long-stemmed flowers and you’ll have summer in a vase.


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Investing in bright, colour pop pillows is also a great way to infuse colour into your home. Buy some vibrant fuchsia throw pillows and some tangerine pouffes to deck up your sofa. You could even extend these items to your balcony. Use the same colours in different designs to stitch your colour theme together.


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We seldom look at the floor for inspiration. Yet, a dressed up floor can be the essence of a well-decorated room. Adorn your floor with a soft rug that will hug your toes as you walk across it. Alternatively, you could buy a more traditional Kashmiri carpet, to add an ethnic twist to your home décor. These are usually available in vivid colours and exquisite, exotic designs.


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Once you’re done picking your rug or carpet, it’s time to think about layering your light effectively. In a **[rental house](http://www.pinclick.com/house-for-rent)** or home, it’s difficult to pick the light fixtures you want for your wall, but you can surely pick the lamps you like. Nowadays, lamp shades, especially those made of frosted glass, come in an assortment of beautiful colours, which look iridescent when turned on. Not only will your home look luminous, it will be bedecked in layers of coloured light, turning your home into a soft-hued haven.


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Curtains are one of the fastest ways you can take your home from zero to home décor hero. Pick drapes in happy, summery colors to add a zesty pizazz to your home. Choose bright colors like lime green, cherry, indigo and butter yellow in either monotones or self-designs and mix and match them along your curtain rail to give you generous bursts of color as the sun streams in. Given the summer heat, it would be advisable to purchase thicker curtains to block the sun during the day. However, you’ll find that with most curtains, the sun will sneak in just enough through your colorful curtains to form delicate rainbows along your floor.


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Who said decorating a vanilla home had to be boring? With just a little colour, you can spruce up your home with the colours of the spectrum.


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