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Our first jobs have taken us away from homes into new cities and we have had the opportunity to work with, live and experience different cultures. If you are moving as single person to a new city for your career then you need to be set up in a place that is safe, economical and comfortable. If you are working in the IT sector you need landlords who are open to you coming in at all odd hours because your boss just might not let you off at 5 pm every day (or any day).

Being single in a city is the recipe to never find a house. Landlords personally distrust singles and many a time I have seen friends struggle to find a home for weeks on end. If they are lucky enough to find a good home then the rents are so expensive that its drains their salaries. Hostels are options but most are never of great quality and as far as the food in those places goes, let’s just not talk about it. There is the option of a Paying Guest Accommodation which is good for singles, budget friendly and safer than living alone. There are options today for [fully furnished PG accommodations]( which will definitely make your life easier.

Historically paying guests accommodations have been places with a whole set of rules and tough to manage but today the system has evolved and a sharing system that has all the advantages that you would get in an apartment but also the safety of a home. There are a range of options even in [PG accommodation]( today. There are high-end versions that offer well-maintained apartments with good food options. Depending on your budget you can choose based on the amenities that you require. You can always check the online reviews of the place or go with recommendations from colleagues. If you are wondering if it would work for you to share and live with a stranger since you have had your own room all this while, then the answer is why not. How will you know if you never try? You can learn a lot of living with another person. You learn a lot about how much patience, understanding and tolerance you have. Your worst habits and fetishes come to the fore. Your ability to understand how to clean up after yourself is tested. But most of all you will learn how to share and budget and handle your money.

Handling money in the first year of your job is crucial because it will set the tone for what you can do for the next few years. It’s not about investment schemes, savings bonds and retirement funds. The more you save on regular everyday expenses; the more you have for travelling, trying a new sport, joining a club, shopping and going out with friends.

Sharing in a PG allows you to share expenses of food, utility bills and sometimes even office travel bills (you can carpool right?). First salaries are the most stretched and if you must stretch then stretch a little into having more to have fun.

PG accommodations that are fully furnished are the best way to start out and [Pin Click]( has great options in Bengaluru if you are new to the city and want to get set up in style.


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