Upgrading to Green Homes


Protecting the environment and leaving a smaller carbon footprint in every ones responsibility. New homes are being built with sustainable materials today which last longer and use less energy and even conserve energy. Rising temperatures has made all of us install air conditioning systems in our homes but efficient use of these systems is possible only when the structure in which they are installed also support its usage.

Wood adds a sense of grandeur to homes but is it sustainable? No. Creating doors and windows out of wood needs one to cut down more and more trees. This translates into depleting an already endangered resource of the planet. Old homes have wooden windows as well and these need to be replaced. Composite materials like UPVC are opted for as opposed to traditional wooden materials. The windows made from this material are durable and are also sturdy enough to create doors also.

The UPVC material is suitable for architectural, industrial and domestic products that accommodate both style and functionality. There is lesser heat loss from these windows as compared to wooden windows and replacing old products and wooden doors and windows with the more advanced systems is one of the most effective ways of saving energy and money. The UPVC windows also offer the option of placing double glazing glass as opposed to the single glazing glass that is used for wooden windows. This reduces energy loss and consequently the electricity bills.

Solar panels are another important upgrade that every home needs. Solar energy is efficient and has no harmful side effects or byproducts. Replacing heating systems and lighting systems with solar powered equipment is environmentally friendly and also economical in the long run. Insulation systems need to checked and upgraded regularly. Badly maintained insulation systems result in energy losses.

Making small changes in your homes can make your home most environmentally friendly and also improve your life quality.


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