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Eco Friendly Theme

Eco Friendly theme living is becoming the order of the day. With the higher insistence on large residential projects to reduce, reuse and recycle. There are several systems that have come into place across the country. From common composting facilities to sewage treatment plants and from dedicated green spaces to an installation of solar panels, builders today have a tall order to comply in order to ensure that their projects meet the demands of sustainability.

Builders are actively joining in with innovative projects and designing Green Buildings. In constructing eco-friendly theme homes, builder adopt the following practices

  • Use of eco-friendly construction materials
  • Installation of sewage treatment plant
  • Efficient waste material management
  • Using reusable construction tools like cast iron scaffolding
  • Rainwater harvesting

There are several builders across Bengaluru who have already initiated eco-friendly construction methods such as Nitesh Estates, Godrej Properties, Habitat Ventures and Salarpuria Sattva Group. The Godrej Properties project boasts of Solar Panel generating electricity, use of Porotherm in construction, electric car charging facility, low-E-glazed windows and Rainwater harvesting system in its site. Though the initial investment in these green buildings might now be high, but with the time you will start to make money out of them as they are highly efficient and helps you save on electricity and other utilities.

The Pune Municipal Corporation is encouraging the implementation of eco-housing. Pune is the first city to implement the Eco-housing program implemented with the support of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) by the Science and Technology Park (Scitech Park) and its technical partner International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC). Taking the lead to promote and sensitize people about this concept PMC has set up a dedicated Eco – housing Cell. These programme interventions include integration of Eco – housing policy and fiscal incentives, capacity building and the setting up of a sustainable institutional mechanism to mainstream eco – friendly and energy efficient construction practices. You can learn more about this initiative at

Eco friendly theme living doesn’t mean creating houses that are just blocks. Thus around the world architects are working on modern housing projects that incorporate eco-conscious designs and elements. It is as efficient energy usage tends to be a priority. As green building technologies advance at monumental pace, architects around the world are following suit. They are offering progressively innovative interpretations of sustainable trends. Futhermore practices like AD100 firm Lake|Flato are leading the charge with comprehensive design philosophies that go beyond LEED certification to answer fundamental questions about how and why we build responsibly.

The benefits of eco friendly theme living aren’t confined to an individual. They help the community at large and can help save on energy bills. Thus it enhances the homes and its surroundings.


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