Gurugram : The untold story of its evolving


Gurgaon or Gurugram is one such city which does not even existed in a recent past say 15-20 years back. A stark piece of land, with a cover of some trees and bushes with a countable number of persons, this is how the Gurgaon looked from outside world. It is the state in Haryana which came in developing phase due to its proximity to Delhi in 80’s and you can’t even recognize it now that it is the same region of the country where previously it is a rare sight to see any humans out there.

The Beginning

First Maruti set up its manufacturing plant in Gurgaon that became the only identity mark of that region and since then Gurgaon is continuously and rapidly growing city. In just 20 years, the city has progressed immensely and has become a fastest growing city with many big IT companies, entertainment hubs, big malls, vast population and an evergreen real estate destination hub.

The existence of Gurugram

So it was originally Maruti, who established the existence of this urban city of Gurgaon in the eighties. From being a barren land to the most sought after locations, Gurgaon experienced it all and now houses many giant IT and ITes companies, many big celebrities lives here and is considered to be the most happening cities of the country.

It will not be wrong to say that the Maruti manufacturing plant brought out the turning point in changing the destiny of this city “Gurugram”.

The most important thing which led this rapid development of the city is that it was in close proximity to Delhi and come in NCR Region. I

t is just 5 Kms from south Delhi and is the next best option for Delhites and people moving from nearby areas to Delhi as Delhi is already so much packed and overcrowded that it raised his hands in accommodating more people.

Gurugram – The Capital of the Capital

Gurgaon became the next capital of the capital city itself by spreading the acres of joy in close proximity to the capital of “India”, a developing nation, with booming IT and real estate sector. With the growth of many MNC’s in this region, there was a sudden influx of youngsters and IT professionals and this ultimately led to the sudden uplift of real estate market. City entirely changed from what it used to look some years back and evolved with high pace over these years and is continually developing and serving the needs of the inhabitants as well as the ones coming from outside wholeheartedly.

Today, Gurgaon has become the most sought after cities for investing in property for both the residents of the country as well as NRI’s. It hosts more than 20 shopping malls, luxury shops, sprawling golf courses, automobile showrooms with many world-class bikes and cars, high-class food joints, marvelous entertainment zones, renowned world class schools, hospitals and medical centers. The high-rise apartments, the villas, the condominiums having high-end luxury amenities such as gym, swimming pools, clubhouses, Jacuzzi, landscaped gardens, library and whatever else you think of, is what residential properties in Gurgaon have to offer for the home-seekers. Townships from the renowned builders are very much devoted to offering the properties in Gurgaon which is both affordable as well as luxurious. There are numerous residential projects which are coming up in Gurgaon and Gurgaon-Delhi Expressway offering a range of 1,2,3 and 4 BHK apartments as well as breathtaking villas.

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