How you can style your New House?


Did you just but a new house? Wanna know how you can style your New House?

A new house is not a Home until you add your very own personal touch to it. A new house is like a blank canvas so to speak. You can paint it, style it, decorate it any way you like. Do it in a way which shows of your individuality and uniqueness. No two houses are the same, and it is this distinctiveness that makes them so wonderful and spell binding.

There has been a sudden surge in people buying the latest trends of gadgets, furniture, objects and products to style up their house. You as the owner now has the opportunity to alter each and every room of your place into a personality filled space that you can show of to your guests.

Whether you’re tired of your old dull and drag living room, or you are moving into a new one exciting house, decorating it is essential! Decorating it on your own terms carries about a cosiness and charm to it – an essence to which you can associate ‘home’ to!

Making your House a Home!

With this increase in demand for finding the best equipment for your house, a lot of people get lost in the race and end up buying things that they do not need, require, or worst; do not augment the beauty of their house! And so, to help you out, we have compiled a list of the latest, most coveted trends, gadgets, pieces of furniture and equipment that will help you transform your house into a home, and make it stylish as ever! There are 5 very basic things to buy to make it look as brand new and exciting as possible!

1. Display Conversation Pieces

Up first on this list of equipment you must buy to increase the stylish quotient of your house is this very fancy (and slightly childish) piece of accessory. Conversation pieces are a very witty way to grab hold the attention of your guests, while at the same time not cost you a bomb. A conversatory pillow, blanket or any such object can add a touch of silliness to your otherwise drag sofa. Not only will it get a chuckle out of your guest, but will also stand out and make you seem like a light – hearted, fun – loving person. After all, who likes boring mature people, am I right?

2. Showcase Fine Art

One fine way to make your house look much prettier than normal is by showcasing fine art paintings. Paintings of abstract things usually make your house seem more sophisticated, ingenious and creative! But it doesn’t just have to be abstract art. Or any art for that manner. Add a unique flair to your new house with decorative anything of value – both aesthetic as well as emotional. These could be things that you have bought from your favourite artists, to sentimental family heirlooms to even things that you have picked up while traveling over the globe! It will hence get your guest marvelling at what would have been empty, dreary walls! Whatever be the case, decorating your new house with a piece of art that speaks to you on an emotional as well as a personal level is a fantastic way to make your new house feel like home!

3. Ambient Lighting

Lighting can make a room. Lighting can break a room. Get some really nice ambient lights for your house and stun your guests with the stylish array of decorations! Some brilliant ways to light up your room are to place these lights on different sections of the place. For example, you can have some floor lights, with matching table lamps at an assortment of heights around the room. This is the essence of design romance! Hanging light as well are a brilliant option. Chandeliers can be put in the middle of the hall to enlighten the entire place, casting a brilliant glow to illuminate the room, but at the same time also maintain the mood and atmosphere of the place. Another great addition to the hall can be sconces, especially if put up on a wall.

4. Spend on a Super Sofa

A sofa is the anchor of your room. It is the centre piece around which the rest of your house is modelled around. It determines the drapes, the curtains, the cushion colours and even the carpets. You can either buy yourself a nice sofa, or even get on tailor – made especially for you and your needs.

A sofa fabricated just for you can have a special touch to it, to match your house. This is one of the equipment that one must not hold back on when it comes to spending. A good sofa is the crowing achieved of your hall. You can have them in any colour you like, any pattern… but make sure it is soft!

Get yourself a sofa with the perfect dimensions, specifications and the perfect size and blow your guests away! If you are still stuck for options, you can visit the trusted online stores like pepperfry. The choice available there is vast and alongwith that you get services like reviews, ratings and easy replace options.

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Set up tables around the house, near doorways, in the hall, next to a relatively empty wall and put a nice vase on it. Some vases can be with flowers in them, some can be plain (letting their structure and design do the talking for them).

So, there you have it! Some wonderful trips to enhance the style quotient of your new house! Employ these five techniques, and your house will look as refreshing and interesting as possible! Your house will leave your guests stunned and will entice them to come again. And so, if you want to make your new house amazing, follow this.


There are few more items and techniques that you can use to make it even better as well. For example, you can use some brilliantly patterned and coloured rugs if you want. You can add wallpaper to suit your sofa as well, or buy a shade that contrasts it to create and even larger effect. Always keep in mind, that colour scheme matters a lot. One last thing you can add is a fish tank! Who does not like a fish tank right?

So, get these amazing things and make your house a home!


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