Memories of your home with your mother


Memories of your childhood with your mother are never about the scores you got or the teenage fights or the 8 O Clock curfew hour but invariably about all the fun you had in your home. The memories come alive sometimes with the smallest of triggers like a smell, a taste, a sensation or just a feeling of déjà vu. Instead of buying your mom a gift or taking her out for dinner here is a fun way to bring alive the memories again this mother’s day. You can create a special day for her around the favorite corners of your house recreating the memories of your childhood which will make the day extra special for both your mother and you.


**Library or Reading Nook**

If your mom was a book enthusiast then she definitely would have had a favorite reading space in the house. Create a flip book with quotes and images from her favorite books and decorate the space with them. You can also set up a cosy tea setting and enjoy an afternoon tea together.


If you mom had a green thumb then her happiest place would have been the garden. She would have definitely passed on a few skills to you as well. Set up a new pair of garden tools and accessories and set them up with your mom. This would be a day well-spent for her and a fabulous way to catch up on memories.

**Window Seats**

Window seats are favorite places around the house for everyone. They offer the perfect light and relaxed setting. Bring out the old scrap books and photo albums and you can spend the whole day reliving all the stories.


The kitchen is a place that has a lot of stories of tasty food, food experiments, stealing from cookie jars and making mega messes in your first cooking trials. Bring alive some of the favorite family recipes with your mother and spend the day cooking with your mom.
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**Your old bedroom**

Your childhood bedroom is a place that you can redecorate with old photographs and create a display area for your mother. This room is as special to her as it is to you because she saw you transform in this room – grow up from a little bonny baby to a responsible adult. With some special décor you can make the room a place of memories that can be revisited, again and again by your mother.

Mother’s Day can be a day spent re-living memories of your childhood with you mom and creating a new tradition that will ensure that you spend the day together. Spend the day remembering moments which make you laugh, giggle, cry and add this day to your unforgettable memories with your mom.

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