Rain proof your home


The monsoon season is great relief from the blazing summer heat. The rains are a welcome break that cool down the weather and also bring life to the greenery around you. If you are living in **[rented apartments](http://www.pinclick.com/house-for-rent)** or your own home, sometimes you will need to prep ahead for the rainy season. Depending on the place you live in and also the building design and age, you may be subject to heavy rains that can potentially damage your home without the proper safety measures. Here are a few tips on how you can prepare your flats and houses to bear the brunt of the rains this year.

**Ensure your roof is ready**

Inspect to see if your roof is prepared to handle the rainy season. Check for potential cracks for leakages and have them repaired ahead of time. If you have sloping roofs then check to see if there are any areas of breakage or barriers along the downward slope. If you have shingles on your roof then ensure that they are all in proper condition. Also check for moisture leaks on the inside that might cause damage the walls and ceiling.

**Door and windows**

Many apartment residents face leakages from doors and window frames because of improper sealing. Make sure they seal properly when closed and that all windows have latches. During the rain ensure that both, doors and windows are closed properly. A simple hack is to apply a fresh coat of sealant gel towards the end of the summer season – this will help prevent leakages.

**Tree protection**

If you have a lot of trees on your property then consider installing high nets to prevent branches from falling onto your vehicles. Coconut trees particularly are fragile in rainy weather and need to be cared for.

**Basement Prep**

If you have a basement, then ensure there is a proper drainage system for water and it is unclogged. If you feel that this will not suffice then have a motor handy to pump out excessive water. This comes in quite handy even for large balconies in apartments these days.

**Low areas**

If there are low areas that are prone to water accumulation, see if you can fill them with sand for the rainy season. If that’s not possible try and see if you can use sandbags as a barrier against flooding from rain water.

**Electrical equipment**

Ensure all electrical equipment is on higher ground. Don’t leave wires and plug points close to the floor. Ensure outside plug points are disabled for the rainy season. If you have a lot of wire systems near the windows, then consider either covering them with proper insulation or avoid using these points during the rains if you suspect water leakage.

Rains can be a delight with a bit of preparedness. Let’s enjoy the rains this time without worrying and stressing about the damage because we are well-prepared for any situation.

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