Refresh your home


Air and light are the two things that can refresh your home with the least amount of effort from you. But sometimes it feels like you live in a cave. When you moved into shared accommodations it is hard to really choose one which ticks off on all the boxes. So generally the ones which get overlooked the most until you move in are sunlight and fresh air.

***Open more windows***

It is likely that your windows have been covered up with upholstery which is blocking the light. Get permission to change the curtains to light, cotton and semi-transparent ones so that you can let in as much light as possible during the day. If windows have been shut or blotted close then check if you can open them during the day at least, if not in the evenings.

***Changing the lights***

Tubular day light devices can give more light to dark corners which do not get much natural light. These lights will be glazed and won’t give a harsh glow but a more muted lighting that will be good on the eyes as well. Consider spaces that these need to be installed the most, for example the kitchen, entryways and reading spaces.

***Working with open windows***

If your windows are shut for security reasons because of no grills then see if you can install grills, meshes or security alarms. Plan according to your budget and what the home owner will allow. Ask him to pitch in on the costs so that you are not left with a large bill to handle all by yourself. If it’s a privacy concern to have see-through glasses, consider getting the glass glazed or adding glaze stickers to it.

***Make space***

A crowded room will seem less airy and sometimes just rearranging large pieces of furniture can help make the room feel lighter. If there are furniture pieces used as room dividers then move these out of the way and your space will automatically look more open.

***Mirrors can be magic***

If you hang a well-placed mirror then you can extend the view of your room and possibly even reflect some natural light into the room. The mirrors can be used in a fashion that they fill the room with light.

***Improve air quality***

Remove rugs and fluffy mats that are dust attractors. Replace these with light durries or slim rubber mats so that you maintain functionality while removing items that add dust to your indoor air. Use exhaust fans and chimneys generously to remove any stale air from the house. Ensure people do not smoke inside the house. Bring in natural perfumes like lemons and pines to refresh the air. Bring in indoor plants that purify the air.

It isn’t quite possible to make large spends all the times but a few tips and tricks can give you the result you want. It is important to enjoy being in your home and refresh your home as often as you can because your health and mood will depend on it.

The **Pin Click** home acquisition team pays particular attention to light & ventilation in all the houses we select. Our property rental and fully furnished [PG in Bangalore]( are typically open, airy and well lit. However it never hurts to have a few tricks up your sleeve to give a quick makeover to your house.


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