The Art and Science of Property Advising-It is not about Sales but about Education




We do not claim that we are one of the biggest property advising companies across the nation. After all we are just couple of years old and our clientele list in terms of volume is comparatively lesser than some of the biggest players in the market. But yes if satisfied customers could be one of the benchmark in the industry, we surely have made a good name in a short span of time.

Over the last couple of years we have successfully catered to a range of customers and have fulfilled their various requirements by offering them genuine property investment advisory.

In the upcoming series we will be explaining the various art and science of property investment advisory. The 1st of the series will discuss, one of the basic pillar of property investment and that involves educating the customer well.

Often property investment is believed to be centered on giving a strong sales pitch. It is not that. In fact sales come much later. The real fundamental of the property investment starts with the idea of dissemination of real, genuine and fact oriented knowledge- in other words educating the customer.

It should be noted that property investment is a onetime decision, which involves a huge stake for the customer.  A customer has multiple requirements and hence that needs to be pacified before zeroing down to decision. Firstly, there are functional requirements. It is essential that the place chosen should optimally convenient with respect to their (and spouse) work place, educational institutions of their kids etc. Likewise the location should have ample amenities in the form of hospitals, banks, shopping facilities etc.

Secondly, there is leisure need. It is essential that the property should have ample amenities that can ensure a good degree of comfort and entertainment for the resident. Likewise there should be robust social infrastructure nearby in the form of malls, multiplexes and restaurants etc. that can further take care of the entertainment quotient of the customer and their family.

Thirdly it is the investment requirement. Investing in property is a big decision and it is essential that in future if someone feels to divest, the property should be in a position of strong returns. The return of the property is largely a product of the kind of economic activities which the location is experiencing at the moment and the kind of returns, which could be expected out of it.

Lastly, it is financing and insurance related requirement, which also has a significant role to play. The investments are huge these days and hence a significant part of the same is derived out of financing instruments. Hence it is essential that the customers should be thoroughly educated about the range of financing options available at their disposal and how to identify and select them to ensure maximum output.

Educating the user effectively on the four significant dimensions, constitute the art and science of effective property investment advisory. Once these four requirements are met effectively, sales come into picture, which will be discussed in details in the next section.

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