Why Koramangala Is the Best Place to Stay as a Bachelor in Bangalore

Koramangala Is the Best Place to Stay as a Bachelor in Bangalore

Deciding a locality that suits our lifestyle needs and makes us feel like home can get very confusing. Whether you found a new job in Bangalore or wish to relocate, Koramangala suits all the needs of comfortable living with a trendy lifestyle. Here are some reasons “Why Koramangala Is the Best Place to Stay as a Bachelor in Bangalore” :

The greenest and quietest places in Bangalore

Nobody wants to befriend annoying traffic sounds and dusty neighbourhoods. Koramangala is one of the few places in Bangalore which still retains the quietness and cleanliness of Bangalore. Getting a good house for rent in Koramangala can be quite a challenge, but you’ll only find peaceful neighbourhoods surrounded with greenery. Plus, there are plenty of like-minded people from all over India who live in PGs or shared spaces in Koramangala.

Koramangala is home to the best pubs and cafes in Bangalore

Ask any local about the best places to party in Bangalore and they’ll point out towards Koramangala! From local watering holes to classy Restobars, Koramangala offers the best places to have fun in the entire country. Om Made Cafe is one such example of an exotic cafe that serves booze. The place is designed by an Italian architect and the menu is curated by a French chef which makes it a perfect place for a lovely evening in Bangalore. And, there are many such places in Koramangala! And well, you need such places because food served in most PGs in Koramangala isn’t really great.

Every part of the city is easily accessible from Koramangala

Go south or north, Koramangala is well connected to all the parts of the city via local transport. Apart from the Uber and Ola services being available round the clock, most of the buses plying outside the city pass from Koramangala. Wherever your office be, walk to the main road and you’ll find plenty of local buses taking you to your destination from the fastest routes of the city. Airport you say? A bus leaves every hour from Koramangala to the airport.

Koramangala packs a surprise for every hobbyist

If you’re an art lover, head to cafes like Dyu art cafe that displays epic artwork by local artists. If you love watching plays or like to have a coffee in a library, head to Atta Galata. From photography workshops to cycling groups to travellers, Koramangala packs many like-minded gangs together. If you’re an introvert and looking to stay in Koramangala, head to the silent cafes and gaming cafes here.

There’s food for everyone in Koramangala

Finding good food with homely places in a South Indian city can be quite a challenge.  Well, Koramangala is all set to surprise you with its food offering. Koramangala hosts multiple speciality restaurants and tiffin suppliers for every budget. From veg to non-veg and authentic Chinese to Lebanese cuisine, Koramangala offers perfect eating places for every bachelor. For starters, try the unlimited home-style Marwadi or Gujarati thali eateries of Koramangala. They cook food that tastes just short of mother’s magic recipes. Plus, every food provider in Bangalore delivers to Koramangala. What else does a bachelor need?


There are multiple reasons why Koramangala is a perfect place to stay in Bangalore for a bachelor. These are our top five picks. Do you know of any more reasons? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, “adjust maadi sir..!”


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