5 ways to improve home office set up

The latest development on real estate news is the rising inquires about the office space at home. Yes, people have accepted the new normal and setting up office desks at home to adapt to the work from home transition.

When the pandemic had struck, many just resorted to sofas or beds to work in comfort. As the end of COVID isn’t in sight, the same people have decided to get organized and set up a fully functional office space at their homes.

Taking the example of inquiries or searches for flats in Pune, people are just interested in the ‘2bhk flat near me sale’ pitch but seek out advertisements that say home-office space included. The real estate statistics from last year have shown significant drops; hence sellers are willing to add extra space for a makeshift office to make the property more appealing.

To scale the likeability of 2 bhk or 3 bhk flats in Pune and other parts of the country, sellers are looking for ways to improve the home office setup. Ease up the work from home transition by implying these five ways to improve home office setup :

  1. Location: By location, we don’t mean that you start 2bhk home scouting in Pune or start looking for flats in Mumbai or apartments in Bangalore. By location, we imply that you should find a pleasant spot in your existing home that has a window to let in some fresh air plus an ample amount of vitamin D. You also need that area to have an excellent atmosphere for zoom calls and be free from curious glares.
  2. Tidy space: The space, where you intend to set up the office, should be clutter-free. You wouldn’t want your creativity or concentration divided between work and the clutter beside, below, or on your desk. Make a list of things you need for your everyday work, and set your desktop table accordingly. According to current real estate news, the best apartments in Bangalore and metropolitan cities around the country have intricately designed storage spaces to store away clothes and other stuff. With no clutter around, your mind is free from deviations and distractions. Also, you will be in no rush to throw the laundry away when a zoom call rings.
  3. Personalize your space: This might sound cliché, but hey, old is gold. Add nature into your home office setup to personalize it. Green isn’t just a lively vibe but also helps enhance air quality and concentration. You can also add photo frames or certificates of appreciation to the desk space for extra motivation. People also often use the peacock plant, Chinese money plant, and spider plant for stronger work vibes.

  4. Ergonomic adjustments: You will be spending almost more than half your day at the desk. Your back and neck need the extra support; hence adopt some ergonomic solutions. Look for alternate standing and sitting desktop options that allow you to work with convenience. You would need a setup that keeps the desktop or laptop 20 to 30” away from your face and at appropriate eye level. To raise the monitor, you can use a stack of books or a monitor stand. Working in the bed might be comfy for a few hours but not every day.
  5. Chair up: A new office space means a comfortable chair that is ergonomically sound. The right and proper information and tools can delay pains and aches. Chairs aren’t user-friendly in many cases, especially if they are a misfit for your height or the desk width. Choose a chair that aligns well with comfort and style.

Home-office setup is here to stay

Companies are opening up to the idea of letting employees work from home. It is a win-win situation. If you balance and time your work and personal life properly, saving up on leaves is possible, and you can even get them cashed at the end of the year. Employers can save up on the conveyance charges, the office space rent, and the money to invest in company growth and employees.

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