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A new city and a new start, that’s what runs in your mind and you, begin an exciting adventure of discovery. Find best roommates in the city with Pin Click. Being pampered at home is a very different experience from sharing a room. Being an awesome roomie means you have someone who can watch out for you and act as your family when you’re away from home. But this is only possible if you are willing to be a good roommate.

Roommates come in all shapes, sizes, moods, fetishes, OCDs and hang-ups. But what can you do to be a good new roomie or make the transition for your new roomie to become your good friend. Here are some tips

***Learn more about your roommate***

It’s a good idea to understand your roommate. Their habits, budgets, how much TV they watch, political affiliations and even how much water they drink. These become important because if they have habits that offend you, at least you are spared the surprises. Try and also make your roommate aware of your own habits, fetishes and allergies. But don’t try to change each other, instead adapt to each other.

***Manage your expectations***

If you are in a living situation where you need to share chores and responsibilities of the house then set up a schedule that takes into account your schedules. If you have a roommate who likes his meat but you are strictly vegan then mark out separate areas of the fridge and divide the dishes in the kitchen so that you don’t offend anyone.

***Respect personal space***

Being a roommate doesn’t automatically give you access to the other person’s life and deepest darkest secrets. What they do with their personal life is their business, respect this privacy. Unless asked for advice; do not offer it, lest you step on some delicate toes. Certainly boundaries are best left undisturbed.

***Clean up after yourself***

There are the permanent horror stories of how one roomie messes up and the other is left with the cleaning. Be aware of this and try and not be that person who causes distress because of messy habits. If you have chosen to co-habit in a **fully furnished accommodation** as a PG or apartment then you should also divide the duties of up keep.

***Be Flexible***

Everyone’s life is complicated with its own share of great moments and days of utter despair. Understand that even your roommate can go through such messes and try and be sensitive to this. Give them the space and time to relax and relieve their stress. If you can do that then you will definitely get the same consideration.

***Pay on time***

If you have decided to split bills then pay up on time. Fulfill you obligations towards household expenses on time. In case you are unable to meet an expense on time, let your roommate know ahead of time. Try not to borrow money from roommates because money is generally the subject on which most trust issues arise.

Being a roomier is a fun and unforgettable experience. Remember to go in with a positive attitude and you will definitely come out of it with a great friend.

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