Best home decoration ideas and tips

The rising cost of construction and real estate is making it harder for us to afford larger house for rent . So instead people prefer smaller homes which are more suitable for their budget. A smaller home doesn’t have to mean that you compromise on storage solutions and look. There are many ways in which you can make the best of your space without giving up on the aesthetics. You can create mini storage space in mega style and make most use of your square footage. From forgoing the coffee table to putting a sink outside the bathroom, here are 10 best home decoration ideas and tips for how to decorate a small space.

  1. Use light colours on the walls and floor. Softer hues can make a cramped room feel bigger and brighter.
  2. Place a mirror opposite a window and it will bounce light around the room, making the space feel airier.
  3. A shimmery lamp, light fixture, or object will have a similar effect as a mirror, reflecting light and brightening up a space.
  4. Tuck a cosy chair in a corner to create an instant reading nook.
  5. Installing curtain rods a few inches below the ceiling instead of right above the window frame will draw the eye upward and make windows seem taller.
  6. Curtains that blend with the walls create an unbroken line, making a room feel much larger.
  7. A garden stool can act as both an end table and a spot to perch. An ottoman with a tray can hold your TV remotes or transform into extra seating. A bench can display books when not in use otherwise.
  8. Greenery makes even the smallest space feel fresher and lighter. If you don’t have room on the floor, try a hanging plant instead.
  9. Hang up your jewellery, or pretty cutting boards and trivets, to clear out valuable drawer space in the bedroom or kitchen.
  10. A few inches between the wall and the back of your couch, for example, will make the living room look more open.

These best home decoration ideas and tips can be done on a budget. And don’t require you to give up on your idea of an aesthetic space. So now you can make the most of your space with these budget home decor ideas.

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best home decoration ideas and tips

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