Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Bangalore

Fresh air and Green Spaces

Fresh air is a thing of the past in most cities today. But at Bhartiya City’s Nikoo Homes in Thanisandra Bangalore you will be living within living breathing gardens. Spread across 125 acres this city development offers every modern convenience that you can think of and much more. It is bringing back the long forgotten idea of gardens by creating over 300 special garden spaces. Whether you’re taking a stroll with you family or you want to feel closer to the sky, there is garden in every conceivable space.

You can begin your daily fitness routine with the Lobby gardens or the in the Oval with a pleasant morning walk in a fresh invigorating environment. De-stress, in the evenings, with some quiet time on the specially designed viewing deck gardens. The aesthetic marvel will is the sky walk garden ,which offers more than just a way between the buildings.

This is just the beginning and to experience more of the community you will need to visit the Discovery Centre in the site. Make your appointment today.

Seeing is believing!

Well- planned city development is a thing of the past in many large cities today. Traffic congestion, badly maintained civil amenities, high pollution and difficulty in travelling make city living a tedious task. Bhartiya City is a new development that promises to create the city of your dream, a city that has all the modern conveniences and yet is built in the lap of nature – the City of Joy. Within the 125 acres of joy you have a wonderful space to call home – Nikoo Homes. Ranging from studio apartments to penthouses there is something for everyone here at Nikoo Homes.

You need not rush out to work to beat the traffic, you need not worry about not having space for your children to play outside safely, you need not walk long distances to get to parks and you definitely do not have to worry about being close to modern conveniences. Nikoo Homes brings back the old way of life within the modern world. The cycling enthusiasts can safely even cycle their way to work here. Children can experience the joy of walking to school. Elders can enjoy time together in the community parks and gardens.

But how can all this be possible? It is happening today at Bhartiya City’s Nikoo Homes, discover more with a visit to our Discovery Centre and Show Homes on the site. Make you appointment with nature today.  Call us at **1800 3000 5245** or write to us at **[](**

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