Celebrating 2 years!

I can’t believe its been two years since we started. That’s largely because i (and i am sure a lot of people who have been associated in this journey) have truly enjoyed being a part of it.

A vertical which was unknown to me and most of us who have been part of Pinclick, the steep learning only made the journey special. We have been lucky to have people right from day 1 who spent more time & effort than expected making us amongst the selected few channel partners for a lot of developers in a short period. In two years we have been able to slowly and steadily make an impact in the market – both Bangalore & Pune.

It’s to all of us, including those who joined us but couldn’t continue for various reasons, that we continue to grow step by step but with a solid foundation every day.

As we move into our year 3, i am sure there are greater challenges awaiting for all of us. All we need is focus, determination and loads of energy to continue our journey towards making **[Pinclick](http://www.pinclick.com)** a really special brand in the community. We have tried (failed in some) a lot of new things in last two years and i can assure you we wont stop in the coming year. With all your support, lets build a stronger and a **great place to work** with a culture where relationships arent built on transactions but value we add to all stakeholders.

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