Combining Support and Independence in Assisted Living

There are many myths about Assisted Living communities and while they are a more updated format of senior living, people still think of them to be on the same lines of a nursing home. Old age homes have set a bad trend of how senior residents live and are treated in the facility. The newer developments of assisted living offer the right amount of independence and support to seniors which was erstwhile absent in old age care homes.

If you are considering moving yourself or evaluating for a loved one, then you need to consider these points to clarify what it means to live in an Assisted Living Community

No Home Maintenance

Maintaining a home is time consuming and tiring for a senior citizen. Also, as you grow older you need to be more careful about how your home is maintained to ensure that your health isn’t affected by unhygienic conditions. An important benefit of moving to an assisted living community is that all house-related chores and worries go away. Everything from dusting, cleaning toilets, to appliance repair is done for you.

Social and Wellness Activities

Assisted living communities offer residents wellness programs designed to meet every ability level and interest. These communities organise exercise activities and hobby classes for residents. You can also develop new hobbies when you have the time away from responsibilities. Assisted Living Communities create walking groups and have caregivers who would assist residents in their exercise activities.

Book clubs, computer classes, movie nights, card groups, art workshops, and religious offerings are just a few examples of the many choices available. Outings to nearby restaurants and shopping malls are also frequently provided.

Healthy Food

Assisted Living facilities offer fresh cooked meals for seniors instead of them depending on packaged food. Residents tend to get a wide range of dining choices from flexible, quick-service meals to fine dining. Meal times can also be interesting as you will have company to dine. Many seniors do not take care of their diet when they have cook and eat alone but when they are provided with well-balanced meals and company, they have seen an improvement in their health.

Transportation available

Many seniors do not prefer to drive in today’s frenzied traffic. But they all require transportation to visit physicians, run errands or go out for necessary shopping. This is also arranged by the assisted living facility. The seniors have chauffeured services to help them move around thus making them less dependent on public transport which is generally not senior friendly.

Cost Effective

Assisted Living is a cost-effective solution for senior living. Residents are given a private apartment or suite with housekeeping, laundry, cooking and transportation take care of. Entertainment is also in-house and personal care givers are also available for residents who require assistance.

An Assisted Living Facility is the best case option for seniors who want to live comfortably but also enjoy independence unlike a nursing facility.

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Combining Support and Independence in Assisted Living
Combining Support and Independence in Assisted Living
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