How to create a Portable Balcony Garden

Portable Balcony Garden

When talking about the garden, maybe the first thing that comes to your mind is the vast grass, lush flowers and the magnificent water features as well as comfortable garden benches and much more. But for those of you who live in a small apartment, the idea of having a sprawling garden may seem far-fetched. The amount of open space offered in small apartments is small to none in today’s world of tiny apartments. Cities like Mumbai where apartments with 500 – 600 sq ft in size are a norm; it becomes a task for the builder to even offer a small balcony. However some cities like Bangalore, Pune – it is common place for most flats and apartments to have balconies. If you are lucky to stay in a flat in Bangalore or Pune and to have a balcony then you might want to consider turning it green. Portable Balcony Garden

In fact, there are lots of inspiring ideas of balcony garden you can learn from. Regardless of how large or small your balcony is , with some creative ideas, you can create a small outdoor oasis that is full of life. Lovely pots with flowers, swings or settees with bright fabrics and decorative pillows and painted walls with wind chimes can make your small balcony garden look colorful and lively. There is a new emerging trend on creating portable balcony gardens. These are gardens that are set up in movable wooden set-ups that are in a ladder format or a movable dumb-waiter format almost similar to a push cart but a little more elegant – Portable Balcony Garden

The advantage that portable gardens give you is obvious – in case you need to move from one [**rented house**]( to another – you don’t have to leave behind the oasis that you have nurtured and created. These portables elements can be moved pretty easily and can fit in the smallest of balconies.

There are many small plants to consider for these kinds of balconies and many of them are flowering too. So along with getting a green balcony you can also have fresh blooms every spring and autumn.

If you are wondering what you can do in such a small space then here are some ideas –
  • **Grow a small vegetable garden** – You can grow plants like chilies, greens, lemons and even tomatoes if you’re up to it. These plants in addition to being chemical free will also give you the joy of cooking the food that you grew.


  • **Flower Paradise** – There are small flowering plants that require low maintenance and can throw up a riot of colours. Marigolds, Button roses and asters can be easily grown in portable gardens and extremely colorful. An additional advantage is that these can be grown in small pots which are conducive to a ladder format and moving becomes easy.


  • **Miniature plants** – You can also go the Japanese Bonsai way if you like spending time in your garden.


  • **Dwarf trees** – Today everything from an orange tree to a pepper plant. You can have a single centerpiece tree and fill the rest of the space with ivy.
  • **Rock gardens** – You can also consider creating a multilevel rock garden populated with cacti.

Even if you live in a small [**rented flat**]( without a yard, don’t let an opportunity for cultivating plants pass you by! And do remember sometimes when you have less to work with.

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