How to maximize your returns through real estate investments?


When one makes an investment into real estate, it is for a singular reason for profit. Experienced or novice, real estate is seen as the perfect playground for investors looking to rake in clear profits. The real estate industry is definitely the most lucrative and there is no shortage of supply of properties in the form of land, residential homes, and commercial properties. In order to better optimize the return on investment from the property you have invested in, one will have to ensure a few things are in place

Market the property the right way

If you have a property in a prime area, then it will practically market itself but if you have a good property that isn’t downtown then a good marketing plan can help secure good tenants. There are several ways to market properties today online and offline, but the best would be to sign up with an agency that can do a host of services like screening clients, arranging walkthroughs and assist in legal requirements. This will also help in finding the right of a client for your property.

Screen your tenants

Knowing who you are renting the property is vital to ensure that you are receiving your rental income on time. In the case of commercial properties, it is best to check the credit history of the company and its past record as tenants. A criminal background check is also good for both residential and commercial properties. Taking in an unqualified tenant and then trying to collect rent or evicting them would create more problems. Also, a good tenant tends to stay for longer, reducing your stress on trying to constantly find new tenants.

High Cost of Tenant Turnover

It is best to understand that there is a cost implication of having tenants changing frequently. New tenants will have different requirements and all tenants might not maintain the property well resulting in extensive repairs and refurbishment work. Keeping on a good tenant will always give a better return on investment.

Ensure our property is well-maintained

Inspect your property and ensure all aspects are in place before showcasing it to a client. You can also earn extra revenue by maintaining the property at a cost to the client. This will ensure no unnecessary changes are made to the property and all the original equipment is better maintained. This works well when you have a commercial property or own a large residential complex. Regular maintenance also avoids large maintenance bills and keeps tenants also happier.

Be Strict about Payments

Ensure that you collect rent on time from tenants on a fixed day every month. Lay down the process of rent payment clearly and intimate them in advance about the same. Sending reminders to the tenant before the due date is also a good idea. It is better to establish this expectation at the beginning so that you don’t end up with a non-paying tenant who becomes a burden. A delay in receiving rent will work against your investment and reduce your ROI also.

Investing in real estate is definitely profitable when it is treated with the right care and attitude. It is a growing investment and is a great place for all levels of investors and speculators.

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