Rohan Abhilasha Project Review

Rohan Abhilasha Project Review

Rohan Abhilasha is designed with great regard to aesthetics and within a budget you will appreciate. Housing has come a long way from being just four walls and a roof. It’s about good living and great memories. It’s about having life and lifestyle under one roof. Your home at **Rohan Abhilasha** comes adorned with a bouquet of features, designed for comfort, leisure and entertainment. Courtyards, parks and lobbies are created to look and feel free and unrestrictive. Rohan Abhilasha Project Review :


Each home is laid out over an expanse of nearly 30 acres, ensuring you’ll never run out of the space you need. Each block bears its own distinctive identity, especially built with the surrounding landscape and greenery in mind. The [**flats for sale**]( comes in size ranging from 617 sq ft to 1586 sq ft in 1, 2 and 3 BHK configurations.

Good health takes prime estate in your life at Rohan Abhilasha, with a gymnasium that overlooks a view that’s worth all the sweat. An additional, secluded swimming pool for women makes every dip nothing short of a thoroughly personal ritual.


The property is located on **Lohegaon Wagholi Road** about 7 kms from the Pune airport. Wagholi, one of the promising hot locations in Pune is developing into an excellent shape with the determined efforts of the locals and Maharashtra government.


The property is currently selling at Rs 5,000/sq ft. The price of the **apartments for sale** ranges from Rs 33 – 78 lakhs. This is an affordable price point for most first time buyers. This property based on its location is a good investment purchase also.

**Expected Appreciation**

As per the Rohan Abhilasha Project Review done, the property prices in Wagholi have sky rocketed in the last 3 years. Gaining almost 80% in value. In a six month period alone, apartment sale prices have risen by 12% in Wagholi making it one of the hottest areas for investment in real estate projects in Pune.

**Reason to buy**

– Good location
– Affordable range
– Builder reputation
– Property design
– Expected appreciation

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