Signs its time to move to an Assisted Living Facility

Seniors are increasingly opting for independent assisted living facility every day. Future living arrangements once you have retired are definitely something you will think about. While there is never really a set deadline to when you would need to move to an assisted living facility but there are definitely a set of guidelines that you can follow to determine when it is the best time for you to make the move to the assisted living facility.

If you just watch statistics, then in most cases the age range in which people consider assisted living facilities is between 75-80 years. But there is also an increase in the number of people above 65 years of age who are opting for senior living options. While the older crowd might be moving because of coaxing by the family, the newer set of people moving into assisted living at a much younger age range is a personal decision to move to a different living experience. The attraction is mainly to have a better social community, new friends and an environment that is more relaxed.

If you are wondering how you should make that decision to move to an assisted living facility, then here are a few guidelines to consider

  • Showing signs of being unable to cook or clean without assistance.
  • Exhibiting home safety concerns or signs of dangerous home habits such as being unable to handle the kitchen safely
  • Unexplained wandering both inside and outside of the home.
  • An inability to shower or groom without assistance, or signs that the senior has not bathed in days.
  • Signs of struggle with dressing or changing clothing.
  • Exhibiting signs of loneliness or isolation.
  • An inability to drive a car safely that keeps seniors in their home for days at a time.

Routines change, ways of life change, friends change, and everything is different in assisted living. Some changes are very positive and easy to adapt to and others can be more difficult. However, in the end no matter what age seniors are when they move to assisted living, it is important to recognize the great benefits that come with moving to one of these facilities. There are several benefits to being part of an assisted living facility such as

  • Maintain an active social life
  • Live in a safe environment
  • Communities are designed with senior comfort in mind
  • Regular duties like cooking, cleaning and bills are taken care of
  • Perfect for single seniors who are no
  • Not able to live independently

There is no right age to transition and no matter if the choice is yours or your family’s, the move should be a comfortable one. Take the time to talk to your family if you feel moving to an assisted living facility is the best thing for you. The decision might be difficult at first, but it is the best solution to have a comfortable life in the senior years

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