The 5 Best college cities in India to invest into property

Demand for rental properties in college towns remains high due to steady demand. From new students to university faculty coming in each year, you’ll never find yourself scrambling to rent out your place. Investing into a property in a college town means you have two ways in which you can earn rental revenue,

  • Straight forward rentals to students or faculty
  • Air BnB style rentals for visitors

To help you decide which college town you should consider investing into here is a list.


Once known as the “Oxford of the East”, Pune is the by far the most popular college city in India. The cosmopolitan and vibrant student and young professionals make Pune very liveable and a youth hub. The Pune market is also in revival mode with the launch of new projects. This town offers a great return on investment for residential property as it has a continuity from education to employment of many of the new students who move to this city.

The following are few of the properties near to the colleges:


Ahmedabad is popular for its student population and its variety of educational institutions. It is also a gastronomical paradise with good infrastructure. It is a safe town for students thus attracting a large populace every year.Ahmedabad, among India’s fastest-growing cities for years, has only recently started realising its real estate potential. It is witnessing a construction boom and an increase in population. Ahmedabad-Surat-Baroda cluster is in the boom phase of infrastructure development.


The Pink City boasts of over 600 educational institutions. The good law and order situation and better train & bus connectivity make Jaipur an ideal city in the north, west and central India for students to pursue higher education. The Jaipur metro line has boosted the connectivity and the residential property rates in the city and the commercial property has also been on an uptick. Investing in Jaipur real estate should be a good proposition since it is one of the fastest growing markets in the country and is witnessing rapid infrastructural development.


Coimbatore is a great South India city with its large number of universities and colleges. It is a preferred destination to students not just from the region but from across the country, making it a great place to invest into property. Kochi-Coimbatore-Thiruvananthapuram is an emerging metropolitan hub, thus fast tracking its property values.


Kota in Rajasthan is the hub for IIT and medical aspirants from across the country. It is also a quite place and safe for students. It is also an industrial centre with large factories in engineering equipment, fertiliser and chemical sectors. The town is seeing hectic real estate activity, mainly industrial and residential projects.Coaching centres have played a big role in boosting demand for real estate in the city.

While investing into property is good in many cities, the college towns are the ones that constantly promise revenue flows.

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