Tips to Make Your Apartment Move Safe & Easy

Shifting from one apartment to another is very troublesome and might end in distress, if not planned properly. The thought of relocating in itself is the most stressful changes in life; it’s a big decision that needs a lot of consideration and requires a great deal of planning to make it manageable. Given below are some tips which might help you prepare for your apartment shifting & ensure smooth transition.

De-clutter your home

De-cluttering your home will not only help you get rid of undesired things, but also simplify your life by reducing your load, make your packing much easier, and unpacking and rearranging your new house much quicker.

This should be the first step you do before choosing packers and movers so that you don’t have to pay for moving things which you don’t need.

Donate your unwanted stuff to a local charity or sell them online if you feel they are worth something. Discard old unusable items.

Categorize your items

Once you are done with de-cluttering, segregate all your ‘Wanted’ items according to categories.

Keep delicate things together like cutlery, decor pieces, glass items and mirror; books and stationery should be packed in separate boxes, so keep them aside in a separate pile. Clothes should be packed in briefcases and travelling bags, so make sure you got enough bags to fit your entire wardrobe in.

Make sure you pack small things properly so that you don’t have to search for them after the moving process is over. Create an inventory and keep it handy until the relocation is complete.

Hire good packers & movers

There are two ways of choosing top movers and packers in Thane, Pune, Bangalore or Gurgaon. You can ask for recommendations from friends/family. Or you can search on Google to find a relocation company near you.

You should do thorough research & make sure to check whether or not they have a legit website and validate contact details to ensure they are genuine. Shortlist 5-6 movers according to their list of services offered, service quality, and past reviews.

You could also go by an easier method, i.e., get references via a reputed packer mover reference portal like AssureShift.

Choose movers offering insurance

An important feature, which is neglected, is checking the relocation company insurance policy. A reputable company will always have insurance for the transportation of things and pay your claims, in case of damage, which could be a possibility during transportation. In case you own plants or dogs, it’s better to decide on a relocation company that also offers services for all of these.

Pack essentials & valuables in a bag

Before all your items get packed, make sure you have a bag of all your everyday essentials ready and easily available for your first few days at the new home. So, pack your change of clothes, toothbrush, toiletries, stuffed animals or essential toys for the children, medicines, etc.

It’s also best to keep your valuables & other important items close by, like documents, laptop and other electronics, jewellery & ornaments, etc.

Pack heavy & light items correctly

While packing your stuff, always place heavy things at the bottom and lightweight items on the top of them to avoid the risk of breakages. It’s a really important tip for people who are packing on their own.

Fill all the spaces and corners in the box to prevent movement of goods during transit; you can use such gaps to pack towels, extra clothes, or tissue papers.

Also, if you’re loading the truck yourself, put the heavier boxes first, towards the front of the truck, you’ll get a more robust load balance.

Label the boxes according to categories

This is a useful packing and moving tips which will make packing faster and unpacking easier too. Try and label each box with an outline of the things it contains, like kitchen, bedroom, kid’s room, etc.

This could help you to know where each box has to be placed. Writing numbers on each box and listing the same in a small notebook could be a great way to keep track of your things.

Fix your moving date in advance

Ideally, know your move dates weeks or even months in advance. This way, you don’t need to wait until the last minute to start preparing for the move.

Start immediately by packing some things, for example, off-season items! When the time comes to pack everything, many items will already be packed & ready for the move. In the final days of the move, stress would be sky high, but you won’t have to worry about not having everything packed in time.


It cannot be denied that planning & organization will help you go a long way in having a safe & smooth relocation. Keep the above-mentioned important tips in mind, and you will be ready in no time for packing & moving your apartment.

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