We are 50!

50 celebrate

For every startup the first few employees are the most important ones, in our vertical its even more!

People are our “only” assets and its a truly great moment for us today – We are 50 people strong between Bangalore & Pune. Last 18 months have been eventful and every day has been great learning for all of us. There were enough times we were down but great part was we always stood up stronger, and none of this was possible without a strong team. We have had many people come and go but each one of them had made a lasting impact – helped us learn more, helped us grow and helped us become stronger and stronger.

As we scale further across more and more cities and add more and more people this set of 50 people will always be special because we stuck together in the toughest times – some of them getting up at 3:30 AM to do marketing activation for a new launch while others sitting in office till mid night to ensure every NRI is spoken to and presented. This is most apt today

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together – James Cash Penny, Founder JC Penny

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