6 Issues Faced by Tenants Looking to Rent a House


Scouting for an accommodation that matches one’s needs can sometimes involve quite an effort. Identifying the right locality, zeroing in on the right facilities and surveying the actual property can be tiring. But in the long run, tenants find that the initial footwork pays off, and they are left with a home that they can call their own.

Here are the 6 most common problems faced by tenants in finding the right home. Tenants should be aware of these so that they are cognisant during the search process and can avoid future issues.

**Security Deposit**

In most [Houses In Bangalore For Rent](http://www.pinclick.com/house-for-rent), the deposit works out to be ten months’ worth of rent, which is supposed to be returned to the tenant at the time of vacating the property. Sometimes, landlords may propose their own terms, or the terms may not be documented, leading to a dispute when the lease comes to an end. In cities like Bangalore, owners often include painting charges, maintenance and repair costs as deductions from the security deposit. It is important to note down the terms of the security deposit in the rent agreement, with both parties in agreement.

**High Rents and Arbitrary Inflation**

Every city has localities that are considered premium, and this is reflected in their **house rents**. The best way to be close to these areas and avoid steep rents, is to explore properties in adjoining areas. They’re close enough to avoid the traffic and far enough to shield you from skyrocketing rents. The other issue a lot of tenants grapple with is arbitrary inflation in rent at the end of the tenure which ends up with them vacating the property and start the search process all over again.


Landlords sometimes like to check in on their property to ensure that it is being kept well. What they don’t realize is that this may inconvenience the tenant, and that respecting their privacy goes a long way in keeping relations healthy. This should be agreed upon, both verbally and in the contract. An understanding should be reached about when the landlord can visit, say once a quarter, with an advance notice of at least a few hours.

**Repairs & Maintenance**

Large repairs are almost always undertaken by the owner. This would include retiling, repainting, seepage issues and anything else related to the foundation of the house. Minor repairs such as screw tightening, choked drain relief and electrical fuse repairs are usually done by the tenant. However, this should be included as a term in the agreement, with a clear demarcation in responsibilities.

**The Bachelor Status**

Bachelors often find it challenging to find owners who are open to the idea of single working adults living on their own. Though this mindset is slowly changing, it continues to dog single professionals in large cities. It might be worth sitting the owner down and clearing some of his concerns; often, they may turn out to be misconceptions.


Though this is fairly uncommon, sometimes landlords may ask tenants to clear the premises with immediate effect, citing personal reasons. A notice period of one month is usually the norm in metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities, and a registered agreement can protect tenants from such an eventuality.

A lot of professionals and tech focussed start-ups have entered the fray to help remove some of this friction from the rental search process. If you are in the process of searching for your ***house, flats & apartments for rent***, do look-up the free services of [PinClick](http://www.pinclick.com) for house For Rent Without Brokers and avoid some of the common issues mentioned above.


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