Which is a better investment option Villas or Flats


Which is a better investment option Villas or Flats

better investment option Villas or Flats

Better investment option Villas or Flats

When you decide to buy your own house, one of the many questions you would have in mind is whether you should invest in a villa or a flat ? Apart from the monetary determinants, there are many other factors that add to the peculiarity of each of these options. These may include considerations like the upfront investment needed, rate of return, resale value and some personal factors like marital status, job (whether it calls for frequent transfers) and also the size of the family in India.

Besides lifestyle preferences, following are the pros and cons to understand the better investment option between Villas or Flats


Villas come with the combined benefits of plots and flats. They give you the pride of living in an independent house with all the privacy and freedom but without the headache of huge investment for construction. The concept of gated villas is mainly attracting the attention of affluent class buyers who are ready to pay exorbitant amounts to get what they want. Villa projects offer lesser units so that the complex does not get overcrowded. Also, these complexes offer common amenities as well as private amenities like terrace gardens.


Flats A large fraction of the home buyers in India prefer flats over plots. The main reason being larger number of options available for apartments and lesser initial investment required. You also get extra benefits in the form of amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, clubhouse, play areas and landscaped gardens. These amenities would have cost you a bomb, had it been for your independent house.

Owing to the high supply it is easier to find flats near your office or your children’s school. Maintenance is also not a problem as plumber, electrician, etc. are just a call away. Security features of the apartments add to the benefits. You can also rent your apartment for a regular income. Moreover, the fraud risks are less in case of apartments.

The resale value of your flat depends on the demand, supply and the current market trends. While, the location, accessibility and infrastructural improvements in the area can increase the demand, it’s a drawback if the ownership of land is not defined.

Flats are very easy to buy. An investor can take leverage on its fund, in conclusion the return is also very good. The possession delay by the builder is a major concern in case of flat investment. Another big problem could be strengthening interest burden while one invests in multiple flats on a leveraged financial position. As at a time of slow-down in economy, however, the land investor doesn’t need to worry in such a situation.


All the two types of properties have their own advantages and drawbacks. So, to get the best deal, you should know your own preferences and then judge the better option Villas or Flat on different criteria.


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