New Technologies to Improve Real Estate Sales

  New Technologies to Improve Real Estate Sales

When searching for a home, buyers tend to make their first list based on photos and virtual tours. Hence the first impression that is made is usually based on how much of an impression your website design, architect’s representation of elevation and the experience of a virtual tour. Floor plans are a valuable decision-making tool. The layout is the next step in deciding whether to consider buying a property. These are what real estate developers have been using for a while now. But there are a lot more options to ensure that you give the best possible buying experience to your customers. Find out more about the technologies to improve real estate sales.

Here are the year’s most recommended tools from around the world.

3D Printers

Today 3D printers are being used to create all sorts of models. So why then can’t they be used to create miniatures or scale models of the house you are trying to sell. It is useful even to show the interiors of the home with model furniture. It will give the client a better idea on carpet area and possible usage of the same.

Google Earth Imagery

Most people do want to gain a better understanding of the area that they are going to live in. Tying in your location to Google Earth’s 3D view will give potential buyers a better view of the area. Social infrastructure plays are huge role in residential project sales so marking up important institutions, market places and medical centres will help buyers make a quicker decision. This needs a bit of co-ordination, but it would be a fantastic investment when you are developing a new residential area.


Matterport is perfect for taking pictures of a room and producing it as a 3D rendering. The user can walk through the space and get a view of the space with furniture and as an empty room. This is particularly important when the developers are looking to attract overseas buyers and investors who cannot physically be present to begin the process of purchase.

MagicPlan & Floorplanner

MagicPlan is particularly useful for those looking to resell a property and not having floor plans. This helps in creating a floor plan in 2D by just moving around you phone camera. If you want the same rendered in 3D then you can move the 2D plans to Floorplanner to get a 3D view.

Real Estate Mobile Apps

There are several real estate mobile apps in play. Remember to choose to list your property on one which has the maximum number of registered and active users. Be active and responsive for queries and that will earn you a better rating on the app as well thus attracting more buyers.

Get Smart

New technology like drones, AI, bots and voice will play a huge role in improving real estate. It will improve interactions and sales in the next couple of years. Drones can help in creating dramatic photographs of the site and the surrounding area. AI and bots can help manage queries. This sort through potential buyers to create a more targeted list for the sales representatives to focus on. Voice or chatbots can interact with clients in real time. It can interact in a responsive way that will keep clients happy especially when it comes to shortlisting potential properties.

The technology might seem a bit ahead but instead of your competition if you adopted these then your place in the market is more secure than the followers.

Technology in Real Estate
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Technology in Real Estate
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