Tips to Prepare Homes for Resale


In a market where there is ample choice to buy a new property, re-selling a home can seem like an uphill task. But if you have maintained your property well, it’s in the right location and you have hit upon the right price then resale can be an easy task. Know the tips to prepare homes for resale.

While you are in the process of reselling your home, it is likely that potential buyers will visit the property. So it is important to prep and keep it ready to make an impression on your buyers.

Here are a few suggestions on what you should do to ensure you get the best price for your home:

  1. Make minor repairs – Patchy walls, broken tiles and leaky faucets are an eye-sore. Get these minor repairs done ahead of inviting buyers in to view the home. If you need to then consider painting the walls in a neutral tone also.
  2. Bring in a cleaning crew – Hire a professional cleaning crew to dust out all the lofts and polish the floors. They will also do a great job of making sure that the bathrooms sparkle and the windows are washed. A bright and dust free home can be very attractive to buyers.
  3. Prepare your garden – If you have landscaped gardens or even a terrace garden ensure that you replace all broken pots and get rid of dead plants. Add some new flowering plants to increase the appeal. If you have a lawn, then ensure that you remove the weeds and get the grass trimmed. Over-grown lawns are very unappealing and can reduce the appeal of your home.
  4. De-clutter – All of us tend to gather things over the years that we live in a home. Sort your things and remove all unwanted items. Dispose off old boxes, containers, bottles, newspaper and packaging. This will also be helpful for you when you finally move because you have already done the time-consuming task of sorting.
  5. Discard old furniture – You need to get rid of old pieces of furniture that you do not intend to keep. Old pillow and cushions can also be thrown out as this will make the home look more spacious to the buyer.
  6. Light it well – If you are showing the house during the day remember to get rid of the heavy light blocking curtains. Get sheer ones so that the house is better lit. If you need to show it during the evenings, then ensure you replace your bulbs with warm light. Bulbs give it a better effect. Choose to light up and dim down specific spaces so that the buyer can see the highlights of the home.
  7. Clean the appliances – If you are selling the house with appliance like the oven, microwave, air-conditioners, dishwasher and washing machine. Ensure that they are serviced and cleaned ahead so that when the buy sees then they are in pristine condition
  8. Take a few pictures – If you are putting up a picture of your house online then first get rid of personal items. Then snap a few good images before you post them online. You can also share these images with friends who can recommend buyers.

If you are asked about why you are selling the property, then have a proper reason without sounding uncertain. The value of your home will increase if its better maintained. So its important that you present a great picture to the buyer. This gives him a lesser chance to try and bargain down the asking price. Thus prepare homes for resale in a best way.

Tips for getting home ready for resale
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Tips for getting home ready for resale
Few things that one must do to get best value during a resale
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