Growth of Women investors in Real Estate

The real estate sector contributes to 5% of the GDP in India and is one of the hottest investment sectors. The growth rate of real estate in India has drawn a lot of attention from investors. This space of investment has always been seen as a male dominated space with very few women looking at real estate as an investment option because of its vagaries. But in the recent years there is a significant increase in women investors who are moving into the real estate sectors. Be it as an investor or running a real estate firm, women are making themselves prominent in this space.

The increase in interest from women investors has been driven by a host as factors, such as

Increasing Income & Opportunities

Women have become more ambitious with their careers and more women are finding themselves in top leadership positions and as entrepreneurs. Women are better educated and have a wider global exposure today. They are matching their male counterparts in earning capacity. Government policies have also given women an extra spur to run their own firms. Many women have started their own real estate firms after the increase in the number of initiatives supporting women entrepreneurs.

Women are become more savvier with their finances and investments. A majority of working women who have earlier stayed away from real estate and preferred safer investment options are today considering real estate to the prime investment option, especially in urban India. They find real estate investments more viable than shares and trading.

Availability of Affordable options

There is a stronger stress from the government on affordable housing which means even single women today can afford to buy their own homes. Developers are also coming up with options of smaller sized apartments to encourage more people to buy. These apartments generally range from INR 20 – 40 lakhs which women find easier to invest into.


Investment into homes make women feel more secure as they do not have to depend on their families in times of crisis. As working women being secure and having a home to call your own has become important with the rising rates of domestic violence and divorce. This has also added impetus to women to invest into properties that would allow them the freedom and also provide a cash flow to secure their future.

In a market that is ruled by aggression, women are bringing in a quality of compassion and determination to have a more holistic way to do business.


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