The Future of Real Estate Industry In India | Digitization


In earlier times, finding for a new home used to be a difficult task. It would begin after the site visit and looking for the latest development that is taking place in the neighbourhood. But with the development of technology, the whole face of Real Estate has changed. The technology has eased the process for both – the interested investor as well as the real estate developers. It can be clearly seen that the technology has so many benefits that its development will never be complained about. Read here to know how the future of real estate industry In India going to be like.

Development of the Virtual Real Estate market

According to the recent research, nearly 88-94 % of the people buy their homes after doing their research online. The internet has made the process of research and short listing easier and thereby enabling them to find their dream home sooner. Investors come to know about the upcoming localities and also the rates in the market.

On the other hand for the property developers, the market scope increases and even goes international. With the details of the property available on the internet, they even attract the NRI customers for investment in India. Thus the real estate India has developed widely due to the virtual market for the real estate Industry created due to the Internet.

Property can be seen through Virtual Reality

With the advancement of science and development of technology, the home buyers can now easily visualise what their real home would look like. They can even place the furniture and change the colour of the walls to have the real feel. The Virtual reality provides a 360-degree view of the property along with the interiors as well as the exteriors of the property. Besides, these videos can also be used for the marketing campaign on the real estate websites of the property developer.

Drone Technology for Real Estate Property

Drone technology is one of the recent developments in the digital media technology and is not going anywhere soon. Most of the real estate sites in India use this technology to provide a bird’s eye view to its prospective customers giving them leverage over the other sites not using the same.

Instant resolution

With the development of technology every website now features a chat box called – May, I Help You. This is a live interactive window which receives instant replies from the property developer. It resolves any query that you have regarding the property. Besides they even guide you for your various needs. You can now easily check the availability of the property or their prices online only without even making a site visit.


With all this development in the technology, we can rightfully say that India’s real estate industry is moving towards growth with no signs of slowing down.

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