4 TV shows you can’t miss watching & remember those days with your room-mates!


Remember those times while you were doing your graduation and would come to your [**hostel, paying guest, shared accommodation rooms**](http://www.pinclick.com/PG-accommodation) after those long sessions in college? The fight to handle the remote and watch the show you wanted started from there! But then there were some shows which could be watched any time and will always remind you of your days you spent with roomies!

Bro-code comes right up there. Barney is a legend for most of us who had watched the show – **How I Met Your Mother**. He could bring a smile almost every time you watch it and then there’s Robin. Needless to say anything.

Sheldon and his laugh and Penny. Everyone has watched this again and again and again. Check some of Sheldon’s quotes from **“Big Bang Theory”**


Joey – how about this from him? **F.R.I.E.N.D.S** is one show that makes all of us feel like being one of the characters and living their lives!


Michael Scofield: It’s just math.
Fernando Sucre: What if your math is wrong?
Michael Scofield : You’ll drill into one of a dozen gas lines behind the wall. There’ll be an explosion and we’ll be burned alive.
Fernando Sucre: But you’re good at math, right?
The excitement and thrill while watching Prison Break is not something which can be expressed in words



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